Using Gaming to Celebrate Creativity, Nurture Togetherness, and Activate Empathy, in service to the Spinal Muscular Atrophy Community and Beyond.

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Designing a one-button multiplayer adventure game for kids…

… and including a game mode to help assess adaptive technology need.

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Crafting a monthly Adaptive Gaming Newsletter to connect players with accessibility resources….

…and funding the addition of new 

Accessible Search Filters  into the Family Video Game Database.

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Developing learning materials for inclusive design with Games for Change….

…and sponsoring an “accessibility modifier”  in their annual Student Challenge.

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Explore Painted Waters, a magical land where every child belongs and adventure creates!

Numinous Games, the stewards of the Playability Initiative, are in active development of this new, one-button adventure game for kids in collaboration with the disability community.

Painted Waters Concept Image - Tiny fantastical creatures watch the arrival of the one, while hiding in the shadows around a pond. The one lays in the center of a large flower and the waters around the flower swirl with bright pink, purple, and golden colors.Fresh Painted Waters Concept – Numinous Games 2020


To receive updates on the progress of Painted Waters through out the development of the game, and to be notified with opportunities to collaborate with the game design team, join our Facebook Group and Read Our Blog!

Painted Waters early prototype images - Image 1 - Arm of a playtester, Microsoft Adaptive Controller, and Computer. Image 2 - Unicorn Player Character swims in water of a pond, leaving a painted trail. Image 3 - A choir of creatures sing as player plays musical scale. Image 4 - Player avatar shoots a basketball into hoop. Image 5 - Player avatar bounces on lilypads.Very Early Prototypes – Painted Waters 2019




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We’re working with collaborators like Jack, a life long gamer, and his dad Al to bring Painted Waters to life, and we’re looking for more collaborators!

Join our Facebook Group to share your DIY accessibility tips, stay up-to-date with Painted Waters Game development updates, and join in the conversation!

Pictures of Jack who has Spinal Muscular Atrophy. The Left image is of Jack when he was 2 and playing with his first computer. The Right Image is of Jack as an adult. Jack and Al Are Consultants on The Playability InitiativeJack with his first computer | Jack as an adult | Used with Permission



Connecting to Accessible Games in 2020

The Family Video Game Database is growing rapidly. We’re honored to support the new expansion of comprehensive accessible search features and curated games lists, which will make finding the right game for your family and your child even easier.

Over the next 6 months starting August 2020, the database will be adding new accessible search filters for categories including options for Controls, Difficulty, Reading, Image Calibration, and Audio Calibration.

Connecting to Adaptive Technology

The AbleGamers Charity exists to match players with disabilities with the special assistive technology they need to play the games they love.

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Numinous will be collaborating with Games for Change in this year’s Student Design Challenge.

Starting this fall, Numinous will be working with Games for Change to create learning materials to challenge students and teachers to think inclusively as they approach their world-changing game designs.