Congratulations to Accessible Designers of the Future!

July 13, 2021 By Amy Green

The Playability Initiative was privileged to sponsor the Games Accessibility Challenge, a new award category for this year’s Games For Change Student Challenge. We asked middle school and high school students to learn more about accessible game design and to include accessibility features in the video games they designed for the competition.

Games For Change Student Challenge

We were thrilled to learn that 50 students submitted games with accessible design features. As we judged these entries, it was inspiring to see how these upcoming game developers are thinking through inclusivity.

We helped select five winners, and we gave each of these winners two Xbox adaptive controllers, one for them and one for their school, as well as two Logitech Adaptive Gaming kits, one for them and one for their school. We want young game designers to have the tools to think about accessible design first when they begin creating a new game!

We will also be inviting these five winners to design alongside us as we continue to build our one-button game, Painted Waters.

We were proud to congratulate the winners, and we can’t wait to see what they design next.


If you’d like to play through the winning games, designed by students from all over the United States, here’s a link to  the student arcade: