One Button Game Jam – 2020!

October 22, 2020 By Katie Postma

As we welcome people into the Playability Initiative, we’re thrilled and awed by how much meaningful work is being done in the accessibility community by our members.

Friend of the Initiative, Scott A Jacobson has created a One Button Game Jam for his web and game design students this year. The judging round is happening now!

One Button Game Jam

One of our goals in the playability initiative is to help inspire philosophies of inclusive design principles and consideration in future game designers. We believe that when young people participate in accessible game design challenges, they will consider the world around them in new ways, noticing who the spaces in our world have been designed for and who hasn’t been considered in the design process. Whether these students go on to have careers in game design, customer service, engineering, HR, education, or almost any other field, the consideration they’ve learned in a one-button game jam will help them make the world a little more accessible for anyone they encounter.

You can help encourage these students by voting for winners in their game jam. We’ve been very impressed with the entries we’ve tried out and think you’ll enjoy your time seeing what these budding game developer’s have come up with.

You can see the entries and vote, here:

We’ll follow up with a blog post about the inspiration for the game jam, student reaction, and we’ll share the news of the game jam winners!