I want to donate to Playability Initiative Projects…

Donate funds to employ professional game developers.

Donate your skills to Painted Waters as a professional game designer / developer / artist.

Donate Funds.

Video Games and Creative Software produced for the Playability Initiative will always be free to members of the disabled community, no questions asked.

Funds pay professional game developers to continue their work on Painted Waters, and future Playability Initiative projects.

Loan-A-Dev Program.

Are there creative members of your game studio staff on the bench, or between projects? Are you interested in investing in their career development as inclusive designers?

Do you want them to flex their design skills on innovative accessible projects where the sole mission is to celebrate a players’ creative expression?

Then lend them out to our team for a few months as exchange devs. They’ll work as a member of our development team, and we’ll pass on what we’ve learned and discover new innovative ideas together.

Or, if you’d rather start your own game designed from the ground up for accessibility and incubate new ideas by collaborating with members of our community, then we’ll promote your project!

Together we’ll nurture an ecosystem of forward-thinking accessible designers, developers, and artists.